Thursday, September 21, 2017

9 things about Noor Jehan

Noor Jehan (The queen of Melody)


Noor Jehan,better known by her honorific title Malika-e-Tarannum, was a Pakistani singer and actress who worked first in British India  and then in Pakistan. Her career spanned more than six decades. She was renowned as one of the greatest and most influential singers of all time especially throughout South Asia and was given the honorific title of Malika-e-Tarannum (the queen of melody) in Pakistan. She had a great command of Hindustani classical music as well as other genera of music.

Listen to 

Kuch Dair Tu Ruk jao. Barsaat K Bahaney ...

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Movie: Partition (2007)


Gian Singh resigns from the British Indian Army after World War II to live a quiet life, but his life is in turmoil again when a 17-year-old Muslim girl falls into his care. Despite their best efforts at resisting it, they find themselves falling in love. They must fight the odds to protect their love as they are surrounded by hate.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Pakistani Sweet Dish Kheer



  • Milk 2 kg
  • Rice 1 small cup
  • Sugar according to your taste
  • Green ilychi 5 or 6
  • Almond 15 to 20
  • Kishmish 15 to 20
  • Khoya half cup


Wash the rice and stayed for half hour. Then take pot and boil the rice in water.

When rice becomes soft then adds milk, ilychi and salt.

Cooked it and when milk comes to dry then add suger, kishmish and khoya.

When milk dry then switch off the stove and add almond.

When it's cold then pour into a bowel and garnished it with nuts and serve to your guests.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Night of Power


 Lailat al Qadr, in Arabicلیلة القدر‎‎, also known as Shab-e-Qadr, Night of Power, is in Islamic belief the night when the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by Allah.

 Muslims regard this as the most important event in history, and the Qur'an says that this night is better than a thousand months (97:3), and that on this night the angels descend to earth.

9 things about Noor Jehan