Thursday, October 20, 2016

Shahi Qila – Lahore Fort


17 Tremendous Views Of Shahi Qila – Lahore Fort

This stunning citadel situated in the heart of Punjab is said to be about 410 years old and historians say that the base structure was completed in 1605. Built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar originally, as Emperor’s changed, more things were made within the fort.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Whistle (2016)


Whistle is an action-thriller film directed by Ammad Azhar and produced by Mian Yasin. The film stars Farhan Ally Agha, Sohail Sameer and Tatmain Ul Qulb in the lead roles. It is set to release under the production banner of Mian Brothers & Meditation Productions. Production manager Ahmed Mukhtar. 
Pakistan is trying to make subjective movies now and whistle is an example of it.
The story of the film is written by Shafaq Ammad and it is based on drug trafficking in Pakistan. The film is shot in Islamabad, Balochistan, and the Afghan border. It is the first film being produced from Islamabad
 The soundtrack of Whistle is done by Bakshi Brothers.

Watch the teaser:

Whistle opens in theaters in December 2016.

production Manager Ahmed Mukhtar

Internet's latest crush


There is a new buzzzzzzzz here in Islamabad. The photographer Javeria Ali visited Atwar Bazaar (Sunday bazaar) and took what it could be one more random picture. But it went viral. 

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Redon Films


 Redon Films is a company based in Islamabad that gives digital solutions by making documentary films, photography, short films and music videos bringing its clients the top notch amenities to cater the needs of any company's digital presence.We are all about limitless creativity through high tech equipment and experience. We bring you the beautiful side of  life in form of films, marketing strategies, branding and social media.
Producing compelling videos for our clients is of utmost importance, but the experience during the process is equally important. The team at Redon Films cares deeply about customer service.

Asad Khattak 

Muhammad Imran Karim Khattak
Creative Director/ Founder

Tina Chen
Head of Projects

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fama Hasan


Few days ago I had to go to the hospital, one of the best ones here in Islamabad and while I was waiting to enter the x-ray room I saw a panel about breast cancer, many flyers on the counter about it too saying that we have a hospital for this now in town. One of my students once gave me a pink ribbon ( a man, coming from a village). All this made me so happy and I started to think how much Pakistan has improved since 2011 when I arrived here.
Please read this article and see how the new generation is making a difference in this country.

68 Non-Muslims from Pakistan That Have Made the Country a Better Place


Pakistan is a nation of over 180 million people, both Muslims and non-Muslims. Often times, we tend to put emphasis on Muslims who made Pakistan proud. There’s no denying the contribution of Muslims to the cause of Pakistan, however, it’s time we celebrated the folks who represent the white stripe on our flag.

10 Facts You Didn't Know About the Hijab