Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Whistle (2016)


Whistle is an action-thriller film directed by Ammad Azhar and produced by Mian Yasin. The film stars Farhan Ally Agha, Sohail Sameer and Tatmain Ul Qulb in the lead roles. It is set to release under the production banner of Mian Brothers & Meditation Productions. Production manager Ahmed Mukhtar. 
Pakistan is trying to make subjective movies now and whistle is an example of it.
The story of the film is written by Shafaq Ammad and it is based on drug trafficking in Pakistan. The film is shot in Islamabad, Balochistan, and the Afghan border. It is the first film being produced from Islamabad
 The soundtrack of Whistle is done by Bakshi Brothers.

Watch the teaser:


Whistle opens in theaters in December 2016.

production Manager Ahmed Mukhtar

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